All our stains are made from a natural mix of Beeswax and Carnauba.
 These stunning colours are worked into the wood, revealing the natural characteristics of the grain, then gently buffed to a semi sheen.
If you have a colour that you are trying to match and don't see the stain you want, send us a picture and we'll do our best to get the colour just right.  

                           Light                                       Medium Brown                      Dark Oak                                Rugger Brown                        Jacobean                                  Cherry

Waxes will need topping up every 6 months or so to keep your Konk! looking fresh. If you're ordering a dining table, desk, or for a commercial project we would recommend a more hard wearing oil finish. Samples of oil finishes are available when ordering our sample pack below - and we'll be adding photos soon! 

Sample Pack
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